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Hired by a man who buys and sells time, a young bodyguard is torn between serving her master and fighting for the people he ruins with his power.

“The Bargain” by Eleonora Mignoli

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More About “The Bargain”:
Cora is indentured in the service of Hue, the creator and owner of time-exchanging technology. She is alive thanks to Hue’s monthly ‘payments’: on her own, she’d have only a few weeks left. She works as his bodyguard and assistant, extracting or injecting time from his clients. She is horrified by Hue’s predatory deals, but complaining means breaching her contract. However, when a single mother of two falls victim to his extortion, Cora’s leash finally snaps. She now has to choose between her future or the life of a stranger.

“The Bargain” Credits:
Written and Directed by: Eleonora Mignoli
Concept by: Antony Kwok
Produced by: Brother Bear Films & Eleonora Mignoli

Cast (in order of appearance):
Alice: Adriana Carlino
Hue: Fad Nassa
Cora: Sile Sibanda
Fit man: Tomas Popovic
Smiling woman: Julia Goodinson
Ill daughter: Sienna-Alice Hobson
Concerned father: Oliver Hartmann
Justin: Samuel Littlewood

Director of Photography: Antony Kwok
Sound: Lewis Heenan
Design: Eleonora Mignoli & Lewis Heenan
1st AD: Lucía Alonso
Sound Design: Lewis Heenan
Gaffer: Owain Wilshaw
Camera Assistant: Dave Galloway & Ben McFarlane
Make up, Hair & Costume: Jessica Almond
Production Assistant: Lucía Alonso
Prop Maker: Lewis Heenan
Photographer: Michele Lancione
Runner: David Freeland
Editor & Colourist: Antony Kwok
VFX: Stephen Thomas
Composer: Lewis Heenan

Special thanks: Yellow Arch music production services & Dina

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