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Episode 4 was full of mega reveals of epic proportion, as we finally learn that Delores is Charlotte Hale and a few other hosts as well. Delores has cloned herself not once but 5 times, answering a question we have all pondered: can a host live in multiple bodies at once.
William is also back and still struggling with hallucinations and confusion, eventually being tricked by Hale into a mental institution to spend the rest of his days.
Delores has hired Caleb to help her in taking down Liam, but Bernard and Ashley are hot on her heels. Their efforts culminate at a charity party for the rich where some epic fight scenes ensue. Liam escapes, with Caleb on his trail and Bernard is kept alive to be dealt with by Delores.
Maeve is still with Serac who is teaching her more about the world they are in. He convinces her to help him get Delores for she has the key to the Valley Beyond. She goes on a scavenger hunt following clues that lead her right to Yakuzo he also happens to be Delores. In the end she is stabbed. You’ll have to tune in next week to see is she survives.
Hosts : Alana Jordan, Nate Miller, Kari Lane and Alice Ford
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