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George works at a convenience store, desperately hoping for a friend. But George is a robotic service unit, and robotic service units do not have friends. Not yet, anyway.

“System Error” by Matt Vesely

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More About “System Error” :
Every day, George works his job at a dingy convenience store, desperately hoping for a friend – but George is also an immobile robotic service unit, and immobile robotic service units do not have friends. When human customer Sid tries to tell George a joke, the simple robot is baffled. So, he sets about editing his code to learn how to laugh. Meddling with one’s code, however, can have unexpected consequences – consequences George is going to need Sid’s help to deal with. A film about friendship, being okay with being broken, and the inner life of Unit CB-94/X0172AB3982-2. Please do not tamper with the store attendant. Have a nice day.

“System Error” Credits:
Writer/Director – Matt Vesely
Producer- Kirsty Stark
Executive Producer – Sophie Hyde
Director of Photography – Bryan Mason
Production Designer – Lauren Murray
Robot Design & Build – Stephen Robb, Robb Props & Cosplay
Editors – Bryan Mason & Matt Vesely
Sound Designer – Leigh Kenyon
VFX – Raynor Pettge
Composer – Raynor Pettge
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Key Cast:
Sid – David Quirk
George The Robot – Nick Nemeroff

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